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Joan Metelli Voice Studio

Joan Metelli, soprano, has been praised in Europe, USA, Israel, Canada, Central America and Asia for her performances in recital, oratorio and opera. Her knowledge of languages, dramatic abilities and classical Italian bel-canto technique has been praised worldwide and greatly influences her teaching. Her students are making an impact throughout the world as performing artists and teachers in opera, music theatre and other vocal genres. From Fulbright scholar to Metropolitan Opera Auditions winner to Professor in music, Dr. Metelli continues to shine brightly as one of America's leading authorities on classical vocal arts, performance practice, technique and repertory.

Praise, Reviews and Accolades

(About the Verdi Requiem)

...The soprano proved herself in this performance to be a singer of maturity and enormous range of expression. Her voice is clear and agile. She covers the whole range with whatever vocal color she finds appropriate: delicacy or strength, warmth or simplicity. One of the most thrilling moments of the entire evening was the closing of the Domine Jesu Christe movement where the soprano line traces delicately upward from a low register toward the chill stratosphere, all done with breathtaking control.
- Greenboro News Record

(About Italian Arias in Concert)

...the soprano has a sonorous middle register, and ease and flexibility in the higher register. She identified seriously with each aria; portrayed emotion and intelligence in the lyrical segments, revealed impressive breath control, and showed remarkable intensity in tone after tone. The audience was led to easily understand the art of Italian opera.
- Südkurrier Zeitung

(About Barber's Hermit Songs)

...the soprano opened the program with Samuel Barber's enchanting Hermit Songs ...she interpreted them as would a fine actress. A rainbow of emotions slowly emerged as her glorious voice filled the hall.
- The Westerly News, British Columbia

(About her Artistry from a Collaborator)

...her voice is rich, warm, flexible, and wonderfully expressive, her diction superb, and her command of languages most impressive... she has the capacity to bring music to life and is one of those musical artists who was unmistakably born for the stage.
- Mitchell Andrews, pianist

Joan Metelli, soprano

Joan was born of a Southern Mother and a Northern, Italian-American Father. She is deeply rooted in the earth and soil connected Southern traditions as well as the concrete jungle of South Philly. Joan began her vocal studies on the knee of her Grandfather Gennaro listening to the Texaco Radio Broadcasts of opera from the New York Metropolitan Opera and singing 'pretend-Italian opera' to earn "water-ice" money. Her learning and understanding of the Bel-Canto singing style began early while listening to the singers of the day: Tebaldi brought up the volume, Callas brought it down.

She went to then two-year college Wingate where she earned an Associate of Arts (piano and voice); transferred to the University of North Carolina in Greensboro, earned a Bachelor degree in Music Education (Voice/Choral) and a Master of Music degree in Vocal Performance. To this day, Joan accompanies her students in lessons and incorporates 3 domains of music education in her teaching, always sparking cognitive, technical and effective commitment from her students.

While as a graduate student, Metelli won the North Carolina District and Southeastern regional auditions of the Metropolitan National Council and was outstanding NC singer in the North Carolina Symphony audition. A Fulbright scholarship to Germany landed her an extended residency in Europe where she sang with the Nurnberg, Giessen and Stuttgart operas. Earning a diploma in opera performance from the Staaliche Hochschule fuer Musik and Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart, she appeared regularly in concerts and recitals in several European countries and taught piano in two music schools (K-12). After returning home, Metelli received her doctorate degree in voice performance from Florida State University.

Through university teaching engagements, Dr. Metelli became recognized as a leading authority on the development of singers and vocal technique. Many of her students blossomed under her mentorship and Metelli prepared them to be successful in the highest ranks of music organizations. Her students have won major competitions and have been engaged with major opera companies including the Metropolitan, New York City, Berlin Opera, and others., Broadway & Off-Broadway productions, international and national music/opera festivals and as teachers/professors in schools, colleges and universities throughout the world.

Joan Metelli has sung recitals, in oratorio and opera, presented lecture-recitals in such venues as Harvard, Hofstra, Emory, Indiana, and Michigan universities, and has presented master classes in many parts of the world to include the United States, Eastern and Western Europe, Mexico, Central America, Israel, Thailand, Japan and South Korea. As she says, "Not only am I a little tired of the traveling, but I have also earned the right to have my singers come to me here in my personal studio." Currently she runs the Metelli Voice Studio in Monroe, NC, and offers a Chamber Music, Opera-Musical, and Master Class Series in her personal concert hall. She proudly implements the philosophy -- as always -- of The Art of Singing instead of The Science of Singing. In other words she focuses on individual sound, personality and circumstance in each and every student, never setting limits of potential or space in which her students' talents might travel. Try out her concert hall. You will surely hear yourself in a different space.

Private Lessons

Hear Yourself on a Different Stage

Artist Development -- Audition Preparation

Concert Artistry

Demo Recordings -- Diction -- Microphone Technique

Public speaking

As a teacher, classical technique and study practices are Dr. Metelli's strengths. Classical principles create better tone quality, healthy singing, concentration and accomplishment of goals. Such a study offers the student a priceless advantage by deprogramming modern day dependency on high tech 'rote' learning such as You-Tube listening, audio recordings, television, radio, etc. Students are encouraged to first learn the song and to study the most important muse - the composer - to see and hear what is on the page - then to listen only to "prime" sources so as to gain experience in portrayals by other great artists. All genres are taught with the same careful attention to good vocal production.

Lessons Days and Fees

    Preferred Teaching Days:
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Skype: Thursday only
    Fee Schedule:
  • 45 minutes: $45
  • 60 minutes: $60
  • 90 minutes: $80
  • Skype: $60
  • Audit: $25

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Class Offerings

  1. Class Voice
  2. Diction for the Singer or Speaking Voice
    (English, French, Italian, Latin, German, Czech, Russian, Spanish)
  3. Vocal Literature
    (Solo, Chamber, Opera, Oratorio, Broadway, Light Classical-Popular)
  4. Master Classes
    (See Residence for more information)
  5. Voice Pedagogy/Teaching
    (Art of Singing Versus the Science of Singing)
  6. Music Appreciation
    (particular focus on Opera & Music Drama - Words/Action/Music)

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Master Classes

Students will perform in an open forum. Dr. Metelli will work with the student as appropriate for the specific Master Class Theme. A pianist will be provided.

Master Classes & Seminars
  1. Audition Techniques: Selling yourself in Opera, Musical Theatre, College Audition, etc.
  2. Repertory-Studio Classes
  3. Opera Workshop Performance Practices
  4. How to Act a Song
  5. What to Sing and How to Sing It
  6. Presentation
  7. How to Play a Comedy Song
  8. Stage Fright!
  9. Sixteen Bars
  10. Voice Teachers vs. Vocal Coaches
  11. Dressing for Success
  12. Tactics for Survival
  13. Compendium of Audition Songs

The Residence Series

Concerts of Literature genres including Jazz, Classical, Operatic, American, sacred and more with each concert in the Residence Series featuring a theme. Studio recitals that include a larger group of singers in the studio will offer a well-rounded example of many genres in one performance. We will have readings of larger-scale Operas, Chamber Operas, Scene Recitals from Musicals or Operas and Vocal Revues. This promises to be an exciting outing for all who attend.

The Residence Hall

Lessons, classes and workshops of the Metelli Voice Studio are held in the Residence Hall, a beautiful room, 25' by 20', where voice meets space, hardwoods, and a resonance unusual in today's studio-style. The acoustics are lively due to hardwood floors and a high ceiling. Void of distracting objects such as furniture, art work, the entire space becomes the canvas for cognitive, technical, and emotion development of vocal timber, dramatic exposition, diction and more.

VERISMO Residential Recital Series
Calendar of Recitals

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